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Part 3 of a 4 part series on the history of sporting camps along Maine's Piscataquis River watershed beginning with the late 19th century.

Author's abstract: The Piscataquis River flows from its headwaters between Shirley and Greenville, Maine south to the Abbot and Guilford area where the river bends to continue east to Howland at its mouth on the Penobscot River. All the waterways draining west and south to the river are included in a series of four sections, A-D. Sporting camp development in this watershed began in the 1870s. Who were their proprietors? What was their life like at these sporting camps? Where were they? How did people get there? In what ways did the sporting camps change over time? What became of these sporting camps?

Section C contents

  • General access to and development on the watershed
  • Travel from Bangor to the departure points of Milo, Brownville, Brownville Junction, and Katahdin Iron Works; and the development of accommodations in these communities
  • Sporting and private camps on: West Branch of the Pleasant River, east end of Long Pond, Little Lyford Ponds, and Big Lyford Pond


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