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From May 31 – June 2, 2018, an international group of scholars met in Athens, Ohio to discuss lifespan writing research and plan the next steps of the Writing through the Lifespan Collaboration’s central goal: a multi-site, multi-generational study of writing. The conference consisted of five plenary talks, four small-group discussion sessions, eighteen individual presentations during three breakout sessions, and a full day of reviewing the progress of both the Collaboration and the conference and planning next steps for lifespan writing research. The proceedings of the conference and the June 2 meetings were recorded and are available on Box for conference attendees and members of the Collaboration who were unable to attend. At the conclusion of the June 2 meetings, it was decided that the Collaboration would move forward in four specific steps. First, it would hold another conference in Athens, Ohio in mid Summer 2020. Second, it would release an edited collection based on the work of the conference. Third, it would organize multi-site studies of writing through the lifespan via lines of inquiry, preliminary versions of which will be released in late summer. Fourth, it would explore the methodological and theoretical challenges of lifespan writing research further between now and a conference through a series of virtual works-in-progress meetings with interested lifespan-oriented researchers beginning in early Fall 2018.


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