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The document is presented in sections which reflect the different ingredients we consider are required for a successful shared print initiative. Each section discusses issues that shared print initiatives should consider and offers advice regarding addressing this issue. Alongside this (in italics) are the Maine Shared Collection Strategy’s own experiences in negotiating these issues, including the decisions we made and the alternatives we decided against.

The first section, “Shared Print Objectives”, discusses the need for shared print initiatives to determine their objectives, so that everyone involved is pulling in the same direction. Having agreed objectives, the next section, “Membership”, describes the process for recruiting libraries to join the initiative. The process of agreeing what materials will be considered as part of the project is covered in the section “Scope”. The “Storage Model” section contains examples of shared print storage models and the factors initiatives should consider when deciding which model to implement. The section “Governance Model” provides examples of different committees that can form part of the governance structure of a shared print initiative. The next section, “Project Management”, outlines different provisions that need to be in place for a shared print to successfully operate. The likely outlay for a shared print project is discussed in the section “Shared Print Cost Factors”.

Finally, the bulk of the information in this document is contained in the section “Shared Print Activities” which details various activities that shared print initiatives will likely undertake; from analyzing their member’s collections, to documenting and disclosing retention commitments in catalog, and making modifications to those commitments. Other activities discussed are: validation and condition checking, steps that could be taken to preserve committed to retain items, and the development of E-book-On-Demand and Print-On-Demand service models.


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