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Melissa Waterman, Editor

Patrice McCarron, President

Antonia Pelletier, Programs and Development


Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance

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Kennebunk, Maine

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Landings content emphasizes science, history, resource sustainability, economic development, and human interest stories related to

Maine’s lobster industry. The newsletter emphasizes lobstering as a traditional, majority-European American lifeway with an economic and social heritage unique to the coast of Maine. The publication focuses how ongoing research to engage in sustainable, non-harmful, and non-wasteful commercial fishing practices benefit both the fishery and Maine's coastal legacy.

Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance (MLCA) started publication of Landings, a 24-page newsletter in January 2013 as the successor of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) Newsletter. As of 2022, the MLCA published over 6,500 copies of the monthly newsletter for distribution by mail to all of Maine’s commercial lobstermen, Maine state government agency staff, Maine Legislators, members of Maine's U.S. Congressional delegation, subscribers, and marine businesses.

For more information, please visit the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance (MLCA) website.

Headlines in this issue include:

  • The Maine Lobstermen’s Association Frustrated by Newly Published Whale Rule
  • Knotty Discussions Over Weak Points in Final Whale Rule
  • Federal Deadline for Switching to Electronic VTR’s is Early November
  • Right Whales Congregating Where Wind Turbines Will Be
  • Summary of Final Whale Rule for Maine Lobster Fishery
  • Maine Lobster Fishery Traits Rare in Modern Fisheries
  • Maine Lobstermen’s Association Update
  • MLA Raises Concerns Over Draft Final Rule
  • Pew Sumits Petition for Emergency Action to Protect Right Whales
  • NMFS to Reduce Risk in Gillnet and Other Atlantic Trap/Pot Fisheries in 2022
  • Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Lobster Management Actions
  • 2021 Herring Season Update
  • Sleep apnea may lead to host of health problems
  • DMR Aquaculture Lease Application Status for September (as of 8/26/21)
  • Eel Aquaculture Facility Under Construction in Waldoboro
  • Canadian Government Offers Money for Whale-safe Fishing Gear
  • Chinese Seafood Prices Soar During First Half of 2021
  • Nantucket Residents File Lawsuit to Protect Right Whales from Wind Project
  • MCFA Unveils New Office
  • Lobster Council of Canada Awarded Marketing Funds
  • Great White Sharks Moving North
  • New Faces, New Boat Join Maine Marine Patrol
  • So, What’s in Your Trap?

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Landings is published monthly. It is provided for free to all Maine lobstermen thanks to the support of newsletter sponsors.


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