Books from 2013

VO2 Max: Athlete's Journal, Richard B. Kent

Writing The Dance: Workbook & Journal For Dancers, Richard Kent and Josie Bray

Pitch Notes: Soccer Journal, Richard Kent and Amy Edwards

Books from 2012

Skating thru hockey: a fan's guide to youth, college and the professional game, Sandra L. Caron and Tim Whitehead

The Athlete's Workbook: A Season of Sport and Reflection, Richard B. Kent

Writing On the Bus: Using Athletic Team Notebooks and Journals To Advance Learning and Performance In Sports, Richard B. Kent

Soccer Team Notebook, Richard B. Kent and Amy Edwards

Books from 2011

Tackling football: a woman's guide to understanding the college game, Sandra L. Caron and Michael Hodgson

Books from 2007

Playing with God: Religion and Modern Sport, William J. Baker

The Backside of 50, Robert Allen Lehnhard

Books from 2005

Who Calls the Shots? Sports and University Leadership, Culture, and Decision Making, Suzanne E. Estler and Laurie Jan Nelson

Books from 2003

Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Exercise Epidemiology, Nellie M. Cyr

Books from 2002

Rugby Tough, Bruce D. Hale Editor and David J. Collins Editor