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Signal Peter


Twilight Glow by Guy Axworthy

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James H. Porteous

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Middletown, Connecticut

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L. Toole


2.14 Class Pace


Black and white finish line photo of bay mare Betty Signal, L. Tool up wearing sleeve number four, pulling ahead to win the first heat of the the 2.14 Pace at the Rochester Fair, Cold Spring Park, Rochester, N. H., Thursday, September 27, 1934. Other horses captured in the photograph are the black mare Ella Braden, L. Holden up, in second; chestnut gelding Lee Overton, F. Tobey up, finishing in third. The chestnut mare Plucky Scott, A. Rodney up wearing sleeve number 2, finished in fourth while chestnut gelding Golden Hedgewood trailed the field in the fifth place finish.


Standardbred horses, American Standardbred racehorses, New England harness racing, New Hampshire harness racing, horse racing, Sulky racing, Trotting races, 1934b album


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