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Old Orchard Beach One Mile Kite Track

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Old Orchard Beach , Maine


Grand Circuit Meet



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The official race program for the Tuesday, July 18, 1939 Grand Circuit Meet at the one mile Kite Track at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The races were hosted by the Down East Trotting Club, Inc., John H. Gilbody, Manager. The program includes the names of race officials for the day. The program includes Guy Kendall's handwritten notes on the race finishes and race times.


Grand Circuit Meeting
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Down East Trotting Club, Inc.


Meeting Licensed and Under Supervision of Maine State Racing Commission Miles B. Mank, Howard O. Pelley and Milton E. Hancock

Tuesday, July 18, 1939

Harry McKenney, Starter
Dr. John A. Stevens; Frank G. Trott, Judges
Walter Gibbons, State Steward
Phil Erlick, Clerk
Edwin Keller, Announcer

2.20 TROT
PURSE $150

1 Elsie Hanover ch m Peter the Brewer-Clara Dillon 2.03 1/4, Hanover Shoe Farms, Hanover, Pa., Orange—Blue, H. THOMAS

2 Willie Hope b c Stanhope Ramola, A. Monzo, Paterson, N. J., Blue-Gold H. CRAIG

3 The Neophyte Protector-Arbutus 2.05 1/4, Fred Egan, Lexington. Ky., Green—Gold F. EGAN

4 Honestly blk m Mr. McElwyn-Jean Claire 2.08 3/4, R. S. Strader, Lexington, Ky. Grange—Blue T. BERRY

5 Guy Forbes b g Guy Axton-Dolly Forbes, Fitzpatrick & Igoe, E. Brookfield. Mass., Green-Red, W. MUCKLE

6 Prudish b m Spencer-Prudy 2.13 1/2, R. L. & W. H. Smith, Greenville, N. C., Purple -White, J. BURLINGAME

7 Blarney Pluto Watts-Hollyrood Shelia 1.93 3/4, Philip W. Pearson, Kennebunk, Me., Green, F. SAFFORD

8 Bevo Hanover b h The Great Volo-Bonnie Hanover 2.09, W. H. Bird. Revere, Mass., Orange—Green, L. TOOLE

9 Frances Bacon b m Volomite-Friscotanna 2.08 1/2, Joseph Carr. Freehold, N.J., Blue Gold, C. DEAN

10 Medora Hall b m The Laurel Hall-Medora Doune, Frank B. Knapp, Chester, N. Y., Cream-Red, C. DILL

11 Goldie Express b m Joseph Guy-Gild Dust Express, Frank M. Burke, Boston, Mass., Green, W. CARNEY

2.17 PACE
PURSE $150

1 Chieftain b g McGregor the Great-Nelda Dillon 2.08 3/4 by Dillon Axworthy, Alton Kilroy, Yantis Conn., Brown E. ROWE

2 Starlight br m Volomite Belle of the James 2.20 3/4 by Axworthy, A. P. Paine, Red Hook. N.Y., Green White J. BRODERICK

3 Cleo Hanover b f Bunter-Helen Hanover 2.04 3/4 by Dillon Volo, Mahlon Haines, York, Pa., Red—White—Blue H. PARSHALL

4 The Law blk h Peter At Law-Dorothy B., 2.07 1/2, W. H. Bird, Revere, Mass., Orange—Green L. TOOLE

5 Dora Hal b m Wayne Hal-Dora Sherman 2.12 1/2 by Sherman Boy, W. D. Marvin, Bridgewater, Mass., Green W. MARVIN

6 Alert b g Peter Volo-Merry Frisco by San Francisco, C. J. Fitzpatrick & W.J. Igoe, E. Brookfield, Mass, Green-Gold W. MUCKLE

7 Symbol Louis blk g Symbol S. Forrest-Beauty Direct 2.40 1/2 by Bradea Direct, R. L. & W. H. Smith, Greenville, N. C., Purple—White J. BURLINGAME

8 Calumet Carrie ro m Peter he Brewer-Hollywood Maggie 2.26 by Joe Dodge, J. H. Porteous, Middletown, Conn., Green—White T. ACKERMAN

9 Mr. Redmond b g (scratch), Lord Dewey-Linda McKinney, Charles Meredith, Binghamton, N.Y., Orange-Black C. MEREDITH

2.17 TROT
PURSE $150

1 Appie Hanover Calumet Church-Miss Bertha Hanover 2.00, Hanover Shoe Farms, Hanover, Pa., Orange—Blue, THOMAS

2 Precise b f Spencer-Prudy 2.13 1/2, Dr. W. T. Vail, Greenwich, Conn., Green—White V. FLEMING

3 The Neophyte b m (scratch) Protector-Arbutus 2 02 1/4, Fred Egan Lexington, Ky., Green—Gold F. EGAN

4 Countess Belwin b f (scratch), Protector-Lacy Belwin, Locust Farm. Loudedville, N. Y., Green F. WISWALL

5 Nanette Hanover b m Peter the Brewer-Modesty, E. P. Cray, No. Walpole. N. H., Brown W. UTTON

6 Glencarran b h McGregor the Great-Cream Worthy, Wm Bird, Revere, Mass., Orange—Green L. TOOLE

7 Calumet Dauntless blk h Truax-Lisetta May 2.15 1/4, A. Laclair, New Bedford, Mass., Red—Black J. BOLDUC

8 Guy Hall b h The Laurel Hall-Anna Guy 2.08 3/4, L. O. Blake New York City, N. Y., Red-Gold F. HAWKINS

9 Protector Brooke b g Protector-Alice Brooke, George S. West, Chestnut Hill, Mass., Cherry—Black A. RODNEY

10 Sunnymede b h Peter Volo-Sun Maiden 2.17, J. W. Grantham, Middleboro, Mass., Brown-Gold E. ROWE

11 The Master br g Peter Volo-Margaret Arion 2.10 1/2, Charles Meridith, Binghampton, N. Y., Green—White T. ACKERMAN

2.20 Pace
Purse $150

1 Lady Mc I Win b m Mc I Win-Amarylla, Wm. McKenzie, Delaware, O., White-Green-Gold F. SHUTS

2 King S. b g Peter S-Amarylla, Wm. McKenzie, Delaware, O., White—Green—Gold H. SHORT

3 Symbol Piney b m Symbol S. Forrest Belle McKlyo, B. C. Mayo, Tarboro, N. C., Red-White-Blue H. PARSHALL

4 Walter Ra b g Amun Ra-Betty Grattan, Homer D. Biery. Butler, Pa., Blue-Gold D. MAHAR

5 Sir Spangler b h Peter Volo Margaret Spangler 2.02 1/4, H. Thomas, New Milford, Conn., Brown W. UTTON

6 Symbol Etawah b h Symbol S. Forrest-Lady Etawah, R. L. & W. H. Smith, Greenville, N. C., Purple-White J. BURLINGAME

7 Louise Scott br m Highland Scott-Mabel Volo 2.14 1/4, James Phalen, Lee, N. H., Blue—White J. PHALEN

8 Halo b g Hal Dale-Margaret O, 2.12 1/4, Fitzpatrick & Igoe, E. Brookfield, Green-Gold W. MUCKLE

9 Eloise Direct ch m The King Direct-Eloise Abbe, Joseph Carr, Frehold, N. J., Blue-Gold C. DEAN

10 Brookdale b c Abbedale-Jane Brooke 2.10 1/4, George H. Benham, Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y., Green—Red H. MYOTT

11 Mr. Redmond b g Lord Dewey-Linde McKinney, Charles Meredith, Binghampton, N. Y., Orange-Black C. MEREDITH

Fifth Race 1 1.16 mile 8th Race mile
TROTTERS Records slower than 2.00

1 Boyne b g Harvest Worthy-May Volo, 2.18 1/4 by Peter Volo, Dunbar W. Bostwick, New York, Blue-Red D. BOSTWICK

2 Bravo b h Volomite-Sybil Worthy, 2.15 by Axworthy, George F. Benham, Cedarhurst. L. I., Maroon-Red H. WHITNEY

3 Clever Hanover b h Bunter-Sara Hanover by Azoff, Somerville, Mass. H. Litchfield & H. Toothaker, Red-White-Blue H. PARSHALL

4 Kelly b g Peter Mac-Azora, 2.15 1/2 by Azoff, P. A. O'Connell, North Randall, O., Green P. O'CONNELL

5 Brogan b g Guy Trogan-Anita Brooke by Justice Brooke, Arden Homestead Stable, Goshen, N. Y., Blue-Gold H. POWNALL

6 Nate Hanover b g Bunter Helen Dillon. 2.08 1/4 by Dillon Axworthy, I. W. Gleason. Williamsport. Pa., Green-White V. FLEMING

Records slower than 2.10
7th Race 1 Mile 10th 7/8

1 Sandy Man b c Guy Day-Lema Mako by Moke, H. A. Toothaker, Somerville, Mass., Green—Gold F. EGAN

2 Fair Face b f Peter Volo-Cita Worthy 2.09 1/4 by Guy Axworthy, Aaron F. Williams. Corning. N. Y., Blue-Gold H. CRAIG

3 Lady Zombelle br f Peter Volo-Zombelle 2.09 1/4 Mahlon Hins, York, Pa., Red-White Blue H. PARSHALL

4 Alma May br f Volomite-Anna Bradfords Worthy, George DeVries, Norwalk. Cal., Black—Gold O. ERSKINE

5 Harvest High b g Highland Scott-Lucille Bingen by Bingen, Mrs. Avis Gross, Auburn. Me., Brown-Red W. HALL

6 Rugged Volo b h Peter Volo-Pongee Silk by Siliko, Janies H. Sullivan. Brighton, Mass., Green—Black J. HANNAFIN

PACERS Records slower than 2.10
Purses $200
6th Race 1 Mile 9th 7/8

1 Fleet Hanover b c Sandy Flash-Corsia 2.09 by Belwin, John E. Kelly, Bangor, Me., White—Green—Gold H. SHORT

2 Alban b c McElwyn-Rose Scott 1.59 3/4 by Peter Scott, H. Knight & A. Williams, Blue-Gold H. CRAIG

3 Marchmont b h Peter Volo-Miss Yorke by Walnut Hall, George F. Bennam, Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y., Maroon—Red H. WHITNEY

4 Adam Jr. ch h Calumet Adam-Princess Iroquois by Chilcoot, Hotel Lake Stables, St. Charles. Ill., Green—White S. PALIN

5 Optimist b h Peter Volo-Good Hope 2.06 by Chestnut Peter, T. Ackerman, Trumansburg, N. Y., Green—White T. ACKERMAN

6 Erma Harvester b m Lee Harvester-Miss Capitola, Mark Kyler, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Green-White M. KYLER

7 Althea b m Real Frisco-Addie McCarthy 2.09 3/4 by Chestnut Peter, Paul L. Preston, Rutland. Vt., Green—Red H. MYOTT

8 Mrs. Knight ch f Calumet Adam-Mary Coburn 2.07 1/4 by Manrico, Moon-Parrish Stable. Mercer. Pa., Blue-Red H. STONE

9 Star Gale br g Wy Dryad-Miss Peter Brooke by Barogale, Frank Church, Cambridge, N. Y., Brown-Gold F. CHURCH


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Track Location

Jul 18th, 12:00 AM

Grand Circuit Meeting, Old Orchard Beach, Tuesday, July 18, 1939

Old Orchard Beach , Maine

The official race program for the Tuesday, July 18, 1939 Grand Circuit Meet at the one mile Kite Track at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The races were hosted by the Down East Trotting Club, Inc., John H. Gilbody, Manager. The program includes the names of race officials for the day. The program includes Guy Kendall's handwritten notes on the race finishes and race times.

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