Zhong Zhao


An abstract examination of refinement (and conversely, coarsening) with respect to the involved spatial relations gives rise to formulated order relations between spatial coverings, which are defined as complete-coverage representations composed of regional granules. Coverings, which generalize partitions by allowing granules to overlap, enhance hierarchical geocomputations in several ways. Refinement between spatial coverings has underlying patterns with respect to inclusion—formalized as binary topological relations—between their granules. The patterns are captured by collection relations of inclusion, which are obtained by constraining relevant topological relations with cardinality properties such as uniqueness and totality. Conjoining relevant collection relations of equality and proper inclusion with the overlappedness (non-overlapped or overlapped) of the refining and the refined covering yields collection order relations, which serve as specific types of refinement between spatial coverings. The examination results in 75 collection order relations including seven types of equality and 34 pairs of strict or non-strict types of refinement and coarsening, out of which 19 pairs form partial collection orders.

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