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Dustin Niedt

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Honors Thesis

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Resveratrol is a compound with various properties of interest. Traditionally it is extracted from tree bark via a Soxhlet extraction. Due to the high energy cost of Soxhlet extraction, this project studied a possible alternative method known as microwave accelerated extraction. Microwave trials were run testing solvents and times of bark extraction and compared to a traditional Soxhlet extraction on the same tree sample. Preliminary results suggest that microwave extraction may be more efficient than Soxhlet extraction. A microwave extraction using 0.5 g of Norway spruce bark, 5 mL of ethanol, run for 5 minutes yielded 14.74±0.79 μg/g of bark. A traditional Soxhlet extraction required 5g of bark in 250 mL of ethanol and a run time of 6 hours. It extracted 12.55 μg/g of bark.

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