Honors College

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Jessica Pinkham

Document Type

Honors Thesis




Karyn Sporer

Committee Members

Steven Barkan, Melissa Ladenheim, Rabbi Darah Lerner, Amber Tierney

Graduation Year

May 2020

Publication Date

Spring 5-2020


Throughout history, Jewish Americans have been and continue to be persecuted for their religion and ethnic identity. Additionally, anti-Semitism has been a rising problem in recent years. This research seeks to understand how this national issue affects individuals in a rural community in New England. More broadly, this thesis attempts to understand how Jews in a rural community in New England experience anti-Semitism. To conduct this research, a series of interviews were collected in the region and were subsequently analyzed using a modified version of Grounded Theory. The purpose of this research is to understand the Jewish experience in a rural community in order appropriately address the issue of anti-Semitism.