Honors College

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Anthropology, Human Dimensions of Climate Change


Gregory Zaro

Committee Members

Samuel Hanes, Alice Kelley, Kirk Maasch, Christopher Mares

Graduation Year

May 2020

Publication Date

Spring 5-2020


Over the latter half of the Holocene – approximately the past 5,000 years – along the Adriatic Coast, the climate regime has been relatively stable with mild temperatures and a low tidal range. Humans have adapted and interacted with their environments within this context, building settlements and expanding civilizations close to sea level. These anthropogenic legacies left behind and modified over the millennia constitute cultural heritage.

Croatia’s Central Dalmatian Coastline, extending between the modern-day cities of Zadar and Split along the Adriatic Sea, is a rich repository of both built and landscape cultural heritage. Croatia’s cultural heritage is and will continue to be threatened by human-induced climate change over the coming century. This thesis explores the effects of climate change on cultural heritage in Central Dalmatia along Eastern Adriatic Coast.