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Honors Thesis

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Spring 2019


Research shows that many women fake orgasm, but only a handful of studies have been done in regards to the context and reasons why women fake orgasm. This study investigated the context in which today’s young women fake orgasm, as well as examined the reasons for their faking of orgasm. The way that sexual scripts and societal pressures influence women who fake orgasm is a key component of this study. Specifically, this investigation involved in-depth interviews with a dozen college women between the ages of 19-22 who have faked an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Interviews were analyzed using established methods of qualitative inquiry. Interviews were coded for common topics and themes were created. Results revealed that college women fake for a variety of reasons and in a variety of contexts. Limitations, suggestions for future research, and recommendations for sexuality education are discussed. It is hoped that this research will add a greater understanding of women's sexual scripts and the influence of society, sex partners, and friends in faking behaviors. This study expands the current body of knowledge on women’s experience of faking orgasm and adds to the ever-expanding field of sex research

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