Honors College

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Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2018


This study sought to characterize backyard poultry flocks and poultry producers’ knowledge of poultry husbandry in Maine. A survey on poultry flock characterization, management, and health was sent to poultry producers living in Maine. Based on the survey, most backyard poultry flocks contained 7-20 birds. Chickens were the predominant poultry species in Maine. Flocks were used primarily for egg production and companionship. Management practices varied greatly among producers, indicating a need for more flock management education. Mites and coccidiosis were the most commonly reported causes of illness by producers, but several diseases affected poultry in Maine. Producers cited the internet as their main source of information but wanted more poultry publications and workshops. They expressed an interest in a wide range of poultry topics, mostly diseases.