Honors College

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Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2017


Composting among college students can promote a healthy environment and encourage the appropriate disposal method for generated organic wastes. The purpose of this study was to observe composting behaviors and attitudes among students and foster an increase in knowledge of suitable composting behavior in on-campus apartments.

Waste management issues are quickly becoming a key societal concern. As a result, there has been extensive literature surrounding the benefits of, and factors leading to, pro-environmental behaviors. What specific factors lead an individual, institution, or community to begin composting? In analyzing research on related topics, we can investigate drivers that are transferable to increase composting participation. Through survey analysis and implementation of an on-campus composting program this study found that undergraduate students living in the on-campus apartments at University of Maine’s undergraduate have positive feelings and attitudes towards composting and sustained interest in practicing environmentally conscious behaviors. The positive perception of composting that students expressed can be expanded into change within the university community.