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An undated photograph of Lulu, Tun Shein, and their children. It was possibly taken by Henrietta Thompson when she visited the family in Burma (now Myanmar) in June, 1972.

Lulu began her training as a nurse around 1837, when she was about fifteen years old. She and a number of fellow nurses and Tun Shein, who later became her husband, worked for Gordon Seagrave’s mobile surgical unit in 1942, and participated in the Walkout in May of that year.

Tun Shein met Gordon Seagrave before the war; “Here was the chance to help that I had been looking for,” he remembered, “Dr. Seagrave and his nurses were doing the surgical work, the rest of us were running around doing this and that.” Tun Shein drove a truck, cooked, and generally helped with any administrative work the unit needed. About the Walkout, he remembered: “as far as the countryside, it only interested me for finding food and I didn’t have time to notice the beauty.”


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