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A letter from Henrietta Thompson to Bridget Croft. Thompson expresses surprise at hearing from Bridget Croft, the wife of a Walkout participant, Jack Croft, with whom she had a brief correspondence in 1973. Thompson warmly responds to Croft’s request for permission to quote sections of Thompson’s Walk a Little Faster, and asks to read Croft’s work when it is complete.

Thompson briefly refers to a perplexity inconsistency; Bridget writes: “Jack died on the 26 November 1955,” and yet Thompson tells Bridget: “I enjoyed so much my correspondence with him in 1972-73 and that he was pleased to receive a copy of my book in 1980.” The date of Croft’s death is not mentioned in any of the subsequent letters between the two women.

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Bridget Croft, Jack Croft, Stilwell, Walkout, Burma, Myanmar, history of colonialism, British colonies, Henrietta Thompson


Asian History | European History | Military History | Women's History

Thompson Document 14: A Letter from Henrietta Thompson to Bridget Croft



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