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Two selections of the manuscript that Bridget Croft sent to Henrietta Thompson on Feb 16, 1997. The first page describes Croft’s childhood in Ireland. The second selection is Croft’s description of the “allied” retreat from Burma. She describes the “hot and tough” trek by the Stilwell group, quoting sections of Henrietta Thompson’s work, but she also describes the retreat of the British Army. She takes the position that “the retreat [of the British Army] was made more difficult by large numbers of refugees trying to escape from Burma.” She fails to mention that the refugee families fleeing their bombed cities were often pushed off the roads to make way for the retreating colonial army.

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Bridget Croft, Jack Croft, Stilwell, Walkout, Burma, Myanmar, history of colonialism, British colonies, Henrietta Thompson


Asian History | European History | Military History | Women's History

Thompson Document 16: Letter from Bridget Croft to Henrietta Thompson and Two Selections from Croft's Manuscript



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