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University of Maine Cooperative Extension; the National Food Access and COVID Research Team

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Fall 10-2021

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Orono, Maine

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Through a survey conducted in 2020, we investigated changes in eating, shopping, and dietary behaviors of Maine adults by age group before COVID-19 (prior to March 2020) and during COVID-19 (August/September 2020). This investigation was part of a larger investigation to assess food security, access, and food systems during COVID-19.6 The survey was conducted in Maine between August and September 2020 and illustrates responses from a sample of 618 Maine adults aged 18 years and older. Findings include:

  • Respondents who were 55 years and older were less likely to reduce fruit, vegetable and seafood consumption during COVID-19.
  • Respondents in all age groups reported eating less processed and red meat during COVID-19 compared to before COVID-19.

  • Respondents who were over 55 years of age were less likely to turn to food to cope with the stress of COVID-19.

  • Respondents who were 55 years and older were more likely than respondents in other age groups to purchase local foods both prior to COVID-19 and since the onset of the pandemic. However, self-reported purchased local foods decreased since COVID-19 began.

  • Respondents across all age groups that were more likely to choose vegetarian meals prior to the pandemic were more likely to continue to do so since the pandemic started.

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