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Fall 2018

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Bibliography: Works listed consider the migration, integration, economic and social life, culture, religion, and language of French Canadians and Acadians who settled, permanently or not, in New England and New York State and of their Franco-American descendants. Beginning in the colonial period, individuals and families from both of these groups also migrated to the Midwest, the Plains region, and beyond. Louisiana became a bastion of Acadian life and culture. The implied contention of this bibliography, by virtue of its scope, is that the Franco-American experience elsewhere in the United States differed substantially from that seen in New England and New York. A brief survey of studies on other regions of the country—with no pretense of comprehensiveness—appears in Appendix A with other works that may prove relevant in the study of Franco-Americans.

With the exception of the section on audiovisual materials, works listed here are of four kinds: monographs; memoirs and published oral histories; book chapters and scholarly articles; and government reports. Some biographies are included, but researchers may want to look beyond this bibliography for information on Quebec-born individuals who lived in the United States relatively briefly (Olivar Asselin, Honoré Beaugrand) or on Franco-Americans whose fame transcended their ethnic community (William Aubuchon, Louis Cyr, Leo Durocher, Jack Kerouac, Nap Lajoie, Calixa Lavallée, Grace Metalious, Aram Pothier). There is also significant context to be gleaned from local, state, and regional studies, thematic works, and historical surveys of Quebec and Atlantic Canada, though, when such works discuss Franco-Americans, they often rely on the scholarship listed in the present document. Articles in newspapers and popular magazines do not appear below for the simple reason that a bibliography of such articles would require time, energy, and means beyond those permitted by the current project. Fortunately, as digital databases expand it is quickly becoming easier to locate and access full-text periodical articles. In any event, this bibliography is meant as a literature review that helps researchers situate their work on Franco-Americans within a larger conversation, not as an exhaustive list of primary documents. Further guidance is to be found in the listed works’ bibliographies and in the resources that appear in Appendix B.

Generally, new editions of a monograph or article do not appear unless it has been substantially revised or expanded, or unless it has been translated. In some cases, when the original edition is no longer available, the work appears under the year in which it was reissued. Thesis and dissertation advisors are named when the information has been readily available.

This is not the first attempt at an extensive bibliography of works on Franco-Americans in the American Northeast. Pierre Anctil published just such a compendium in 1979, but after nearly forty years of sustained research, the need for a similar, more up-to-date effort is apparent. The Franco-American Centre at the University of Maine hosts, it is true, an online bibliography. The present effort distinguishes itself by its format and structure and can still be searched by keyword in its digital form.


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