Submissions from 2021

Franco-American Portal Project, Jacob Albert, Susan Pinette, David Nutty, Lise Pelletier, Libby Lipin, Keith Chevalier, Franco-American Programs, and Lisa Desjardins Michaud

Book Club: Hosted by Abby Paige, Kerri Arsenault, Abby Paige, and Franco-American Programs

Silent Presence – The French in New England, Jeanne Douillard, Lisa Desjardins Michaud, and Franco-American Programs

Nous et vous et les filles du roi! Presented by Ray Lambert & Megan Lambert St. Marie, Ray Lambert, Megan Lambert St. Marie, Franco-American Programs, and Lisa Desjardins Michaud

French-Canadian Legacy Podcast, Jesse Martineau, Mike Campbell, Melody Keilig, Jacob Albert, and Franco-American Programs

UMaine student Daniel Moreau describes his journey from inspiration to development of a ten-part video series on New England Mill Cities called Dawson, Daniel Moreau, Franco-American Programs, and Lisa Desjardins Michaud

"How I stole my Frenchback: My journey from 3rd generation "frog" to Madam Murphy", Meghan Murphy, Franco-American Programs, and Lisa Desjardins Michaud

Kitchen Table Discussion: The Catholic Church and Me. Facilitated by Susan Poulin, Susan Poulin and Franco-American Programs

The French-Canadian Origins of U.S. Credit Unions, Mark Paul Richard and Franco-American Programs

Poetry Reading: Cheryl Savageau, David Surette, Ellen LaFlèche and Steven Riel, Cheryl Savageau, David Surette, Ellen LaFlèche, Steven Riel, and Franco-American Programs

Historian Jason Theriot walks among his Theriot and Bourgeois ancestors, Jason Theriot, University of Maine, and Lisa Desjardins Michaud

Mardi Gras Concert With Josée Vachon, Josée Vachon and Franco-American Programs

Submissions from 2020

BOOK READING BY AUTHOR KERRI ARSENAULT HOSTED BY AUTHOR DAVID VERMETTE, Kerri Arsenault; David Vermette; and Franco-American Programs, Orono, ME


Around the Kitchen Table (Gregoire Chabot): My Hometown and Me, Then & Now, Grégoire Chabot


Franco-American Women's Suffrage Movement and Legislators, Rhea Côté Robbins

The Acadian, Phillip Daigle


France in the American Revolution: the secret aid they provided before they declared war, Norman Desmarais


Notre Pain Quotidien: Franco-American Entrepreneurs Sustaining Community, Anna Faherty, Mary Rice-Defosse, and Doris Bonneau


Right or Privileges? Franco-American Religious Battles, 1884-1914, Patrick Lacroix


Acadian Genealogy, Lucie Leblanc Consentino


Acadian History, Lucie Leblanc-Consentino

Making America Great Again...And Again, and Again: Maine Nativism 1854-1924, James Myall


Plague and Prejudice: Franco-Americans and Infectious Diseases in Maine, James Myall

FRANCO-AMERICANS IN MAINE POLITICS AND VOTING, James Myall; Severin Beliveau; and Franco-American Programs, University of Maine


UMFK Acadian Archives tour with Lise Pelletier, Lise Pelletier


Around the Kitchen Table (Susan Poulin): Spring cleaning: What is the legacy of tidiness in your Franco-American family?, Susan Poulin


How does my Franco-American identity show up in my work and my work ethic? (Facilitated by Susan Poulin): Join writers Susan Poulin, Abby Paige, Steven Riel, David Vermette, and Greg Chabot, Susan Poulin, Abby Paige, Steven Riel, David Vermette, and Grégoire Chabot


Mémère's Notebook, Robert Sylvain

Franco-American Centre, Manchester, NH, John Tousignant and Franco-American Programs, Orono, ME

Couldn’t Have Done It Without Us: How Franco-Americans Saved the U.S. Economy, David Vermette

Submissions from 2018


Bibliography of Franco-American Life, Language, And History, Patrick Lacroix

Submissions from 2013


Contemporary Attitudes of Franco Americans, Jacob Albert, Tony Brinkley, Yvon Labbé, and Christian Potholm