Northeast Folklore volume 4: Eight Folktales From Miramichi

Wilmot MacDonald
Helen Creighton
Edward D. Ives, Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine

Abstract/ Summary

Volume 4 of Northeast Archives marked a change in the publication. No longer was it published in four editions throughout the year with a variety of small articles, but now it was a single monograph published generally once a year. The focus of the first monograph is Wilmot MacDonald, a singer and storyteller from Miramichi, New Brunswick. Helen Creighton and Edward D. Ives had both collected from MacDonald and this publication came from their collaboration on that material.

Eight Folktales from Miramichi As Told by Wilmot MacDonald

1) The Bull Story

2) The Christmas Story

3) Jack and the Beanstalk

4) Three Gold Hairs from the Giant’s Back

5) The Sword of Brightness

6) Out-Riddling the Judge

7) John the Cobbler

8) The Haunted House and the Headless Ghost