The poster gallery is an archive of the work of Fogler Library’s Marketing Team. Formed in 2004 in response to the changing perceptions of academic libraries, our charge is to explore new and innovative ways to promote the library and to define its place within the larger university community. One of the primary goals of the group is to reconnect users with the library as place at a time of 24/7 electronic resources. Under the leadership of Fogler’s public relations and outreach coordinator, team members representing different departments in the library perform their marketing duties in addition to their regular jobs. Diverse skills and different points of view are one of the group’s strengths. We also set ourselves apart from other academic committees by our commitment to design thinking, which allows us to freely explore creative solutions. We try to begin by understanding the user’s point of view and work to avoid linear thinking that may allow our own point of view to cloud our conclusions. We encourage all group members to share ideas freely and rely on the diversity of experience within the group; we experiment with multiple iterations of proposed solutions and develop multiple prototypes if needed. Once implemented, we remain ready to modify our solution as the situation requires. The posters displayed here provide an overview of some of our work.


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