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The Bureau of Labor Education (BLE) at the University of Maine is a state-funded department of research and advocacy for Maine laborers and their issues. First established in 1966 by the Maine Legislature, the original aim of the Bureau was to foster education about the history and current issues of labor in today's techno-capitalist society, as well as advocate on behalf of labor. The Bureau teaches courses in Labor studies, contributes to and facilitates publications in labor studies and economics, and has retained robust relationships with some of Maine's most important labor allies, like Maine AFL-CIO. Some remains of this practice exist in the Bureau's current partnership with the Maine AFL-CIO in the form of the Summer Institute.

The record group mainly contains textual information created and curated by the University of Maine's Bureau of Labor Education.

Publication Date



Business and Industry, Government and Law, Social Movements and Services


Higher Education | Labor History

Size of Collection

61 boxes, 2 folio boxes

Dates of Collection

1847-2018, bulk 1968-2011

Manuscript Number

UA RG 0006.013.001

Bureau of Labor Education (University of Maine) Records, 1847-2018