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The University of Maine saw approximately 1,000 students and alumni serve in World War I and 3,900 serve in World War II. Both wars had a strong effect on the university and its students; the desire to honor those who had served and to memorialize those who had died led to various activities on campus. After the end of World War I, funds were raised to erect the Memorial Gymnasium and Armory and after World War II, those who had died were honored in a volume titled "University of Maine, World War II: In Memoriam." The Alumni Association sent questionnaires to all who had served and maintained files of their service.

The record group contains correspondence between University presidents and students serving in the military in World War I and World War II. Also, contains biographical information about each student killed in World War I. And lists of students and alumni who served in World War II, along with copies of the volume "University of Maine, World War II: In Memoriam" and biographical information used to compile this volume. A card file for those who were called or recalled to service in the Korean War is also included.

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War (University of Maine) Records, 1917-1972