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Walter Arnold was born in 1894 in Willimantic, Maine, the son of Alonzo and Alice Arnold. As a young man Walter hunted, trapped and guided with his father. After service in World War I, he started a mail order business, selling trapping supplies and animal trapping scents and lures nationwide.

Shaw and Arnold were good friends and hunting buddies for over twenty years. They wrote letters to each other frequently from 1959-1980 discussing their day-to-day life and the hunting or trapping adventures they shared together.

This collection includes many letters written between Wendell Shaw and Walter Arnold (See: SpC MS 0023). Also included are a few newspaper clippings from the 1850s through the 1960s. There are some articles included written about Walter Arnold ranging from 1976 through 1981. Trapping and hunting books, military history pamphlets and animal magazines that belonged to Wendell Shaw and Walter Arnold are in the collection. Some of Walter Arnold's belongings including one of his books "Arnold's Professional Fox Trapping" are included along with some of Wendell Shaw's belongings including a diary, glasses, negatives and other correspondence.

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Shaw (Wendell) Collection on Walter Arnold, 1800-1981