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The College of Agriculture was established at the University of Maine in 1868 and went on to provide courses on animal husbandry, farm management, forestry, dietetics, household management, handwork, childcare and child welfare, home economics education, history and economics of agriculture, food processing, and horticulture. Today, many of the responsibilities of the former College are carried out by the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture and Cooperative Extension Service, which is now a separate department.

The majority of the material in this record group was created during the tenure of Dr. Leon S. Merrill who was both the Dean of the College of Agriculture (September 1, 1911 to September 3, 1933) and also the Director of the Extension Service (October 1, 1910 to December 31, 1930). The records mainly contain textual information created by the University of Maine College of Agriculture, but there are also some maps.

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College of Agriculture (University of Maine) Records, 1917-1940

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