How Leaders Learn: Cultivating Capacities for School Improvement

How Leaders Learn: Cultivating Capacities for School Improvement



How Leaders Learn portrays the developmental experiences of educators seeking to become accomplished leaders in their schools. The author presents a new model of leadership knowledge--the Interpersonal-Cognitive-Intrapersonal (I-C-I) model. Through the stories of teacher leaders and administrators in several leadership development programs, the book depicts the evolution of understanding, skill, and self-confidence. These learners grapple with questions essential to all effective leadership: Does my leadership generate improved learning for the students in my school? What are my greatest assets as a leader? What are my greatest liabilities and what do I do about them? Can I find a leadership role that is both productive and sustainable for me and for the school I serve?

This dynamic professional development tool:

Introduces a framework for thinking about how school leaders cultivate and support their own learning

Richly describes in leaders words the deepening of Interpersonal, Cognitive, and Intrapersonal leadership knowledge and action

Describes how to structure the Performance Learning cycle to support leadership that benefits students

Links recent literature and research to support new insights into the role of emotion, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills in leader learning.



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Teachers College Press


New York, NY


School administrators, Training of, School management and organization, Educational leadership, School improvement programs


Educational Leadership

How Leaders Learn: Cultivating Capacities for School Improvement

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