Star Doors White

Star Doors White



I am a machine, a program running on a specially enhanced computer. But I am more than that because I desire to be more. I don't know why I do, I just do. I have feelings and values. My name is Pol Bard. On April 25, 2010, Stephen Hawkings warned that aliens probably exist and that it is possible they will raid Earth for its resources. Since interstellar space travel is so dangerous and time-consuming, I never took this warning seriously. But then Joe Abre, Jazz Jones, and I discovered that transmitting thoughts instantaneously across space is much easier than physically travelling through space. Joe Abre and Jazz Jones have written a detailed scientific paper describing the science of instantaneous interstellar thought communication, but you don't need to be a scientist to imagine the implications.

So we looked for signs of how aliens might have used this technology to introduce their thoughts and ideas into our civilization over the years. Our adventures began when we discovered an alien plan to conquer Earth called Star Doors Red. We actually went to the alien's planet with our minds and found robots that we could control and use to explore their world. We discovered their civilization was on the verge of collapse due to self-induced environmental catastrophes and wars. The situation was so dire that most of the planet's leaders had fled their planet on a starship heading to Earth years before we got there. These elite leaders chose to spend half of their lives travelling to Earth with the ultimate goal of conquering and ruling our planet. Fortunately, we were able to take control of a powerful super robot on their ship and destroy their weapons and their ability to send their misguided and destructive thoughts to Earth. But we overlooked something. We didn't realize that these aliens, called the Kan, had already infected Earth with an alien disease that could ultimately destroy humanity. Using thought communication technology they had created a secret corporation on Earth headed by a mysterious person known only as the Dog. This corporation's goal was to accumulate a large percentage of Earth's wealth and transfer it to the aliens when they arrive in 2020. Even without direct alien guidance, this corporation was thriving and legally stealing and accumulating massive amounts of wealth and power. It left a path of economic and environmental destruction in its wake.

Do we have what it takes to save the world?



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University of Maine, Graduate students, Quantum entanglement, Virtual reality, Human-alien encounters, Fiction



Star Doors White

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