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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Duane Hanselman

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Donald M. Hummels

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Bruce Segee


Interest has grown in the use of brushless permanent magnet (PM) motors since their development in the 1960s due to their high efficiency and low maintenance cost. Design of brushless PM motors can be intensive due to the many design constraints required. Many optimization routines exist, but require knowledge of design constraints from an existing design in order to function. No attempts are made to design a brushless PM motor from the concept stage of development. This thesis presents a brushless PM motor sizing tool to develop motors from the concept stage using knowledge of very few design constraints. The sizing tool develops a set of brushless PM motor designs that meets user input specifications. A motor design selected from the set can be refined in a tool that allows different design options. This work provides a starting place for initial designs of brushless PM motors for Navy specific applications.