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Howard H. Patterson

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Carl P. Tripp

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Alice E. Bruce


The excited state properties of the layered Ln[M(CN)2]3 systems, (Ln = trivalent rare earth, La3+ and EU3+, M = Au, Ag, AgxAu1-x, where x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 0.90) have been studied. Additionally, dicyanoargentates(I) and dicyanoaurates(I) doped in alkali halides (LiC1, NaCl, RbCl and NaBr) along with K2Na[Ag(CN)2]3 have been examined. Experiments on La[M(CN)2]3 systems were carried out to determine the existence of Ag(I)-Au(I) mixed metal interactions and consequently characterize these systems. Results have shown that mixed-metal interactions occur and that these mixed metal samples luminesce quite strongly at room temperature at an energy that is tunable by excitation wavelength. Tunability of the emission energy has also been achieved by varying the temperature and Ag/Au loading of the mixed metal complex. The emission energy of the mixed metal samples lie between those of the pure Au and Ag systems. The strong luminescence of the mixed metal systems at ambient temperatures is in stark contrast to the behavior of pure La[Au(CN)2]3and La[Ag(CN)2]3 samples.