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The term Client-Server refers to a relationship between two computer programs where one computer program, the client, makes a request for service to another computer program, the server that fulfills the request. Although client-server could mean interaction between programs running on a single computer, it usually refers to programs running on different computers, interacting through the network. The Client-Server model has become a central idea of network computing. Applications that have become indispensable nowadays, such as on-line banking, remote data processing and most other network applications are based on the Client-Server model. Our research focuses on two different projects each involving development of applications that are based on Client-Server model. One involves the development of an application allowing small industrial manufacturers to reduce energy consumption in their companies. The application developed is a web-based application. The website hosts number of Java applets that helps manufacturers to calculate energy savings in different areas of their companies. These applets are what we call the clients of the client-server model. When the applets are used, the application for numerous data referencing accesses a database, which resides in a server. This is one of the scenarios where client-server interaction takes place in this project. The other project involves research to develop a procedure to make data, from the activity of marine animals detected by underwater sensors, available for viewing from anywhere in the world. Information gathered is processed locally, and then transferred to a workstation that is accessible from anywhere in the world via the world-wide-web. This project involves the implementation of a client-server system that utilizes wireless networking. In this implementation, the server extracts data obtained from sensors, processes the data and makes it available for clients to retrieve data over the wireless connection and post it on web page.