Caleb Carter

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering


Bruce Segee

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Rick Eason


As data collection technologies advance, almost every field of scientific research sees an increase in the amount and frequency of data that can be collected. In many cases, the first best method for preprocessing two and three dimensional data sets is to examine them visually, using some sort of plotting software. Although display technology is advancing and monitors are becoming available with increasing resolutions, this increase in available resolution does not necessarily match the rapid increase in data collection. This mismatch leaves researchers with only three choices for visual processing: to view the data in many small chunks, to view only a representative subset of the data, or to create a custom display for viewing much larger data sets at higher resolutions. This thesis discusses one method of fullfilling the third option. The process used here is to create a customized display using nine consumer level monitors mounted in a three by three configuration resulting in a display with nine times the resolution of a single monitor. A custom viewing environment is also developed within this project that is designed to lend itself better to the tiled display than would an existing three dimensional data visualization application. The data used for this project consists of a large set of Oceanographic sensor readings taken from several deployments throughout the Gulf of Maine.