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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering


Bruce Segee

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Rick Eason

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Yifeng Zhu


This thesis describes in detail three approaches to inexpensive tiled high resolution displays that have been explored at the University of Maine with support from NSF Grants DRL-0717583, CNS-0617430, and Maine EPSCoR Award 0904155. The first system is based on a single computer driving multiple displays. The second is a distributed system that tiles multiple independent systems into a single display. The final system expands on the capabilities of the second and becomes a flexible, reconfigurable system for tiled display based visualization. This thesis also outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each system so that a decision might be made on which type of visualization wall to use given a specific set of requirements. Lastly, it hints towards some future work that could be completed on each system.

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