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Civil Engineering


Dana N. Humphrey

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Willem F. Brutsaert


National studies indicate that roadways with proper subsurface drainage have double or triple the service life of roads with poor drainage. Previous Maine DOT studies have measured the lab and field permeability of Maine typical gravel subbase materials. The measured coefficients of permeabilities turned out to be two to three orders of magnitude less than the 0.35 cmls recommended by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA 1990). The low permeability is assumed to be one of the major reasons for the fast deterioration of roads in Maine. The objective of this research is to extend pavement life and reduce pavement life cycle cost by developing improved specifications and design policies for subbase course aggregate. The research will also include selecting projects for test sections of subbase materials in order to evaluate constructability, maintenance, performance, and to examine ways in which permeability of subbases in Maine can be improved.