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Boris Vian is mainly famous for two of his novels: L'Ccume des iours which is a beautiful love story whose ending is tragic and J'irai cracher sur vos tombes which is a very dark and pessimist story. L'arrache Coeur is not is most famous novel even though it is as interesting as his other books. To some extent, the story is dark and pessimistic but is also points out some of Sartre's existentialism aspects. The story is so strange that it takes a few lectures to notice the existentialist's aspects of the story as well as the criticism that Boris Vian does about the modem society he was living in. The existentialists' aspects can be found in different characters such as Jacquemort and La Gloii-e for example. After studying the genre of the book and some of the characters personality, we will study the existentialist theory of Sartre to then appl, them to some of the main characters so as to confirm the criticism that Boris Vian makes of the society he lived in.