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Sandra E. Hardy

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Brad Fraser's play Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love deals with love and relationships in a society devoid of morality and fearful of emotional commitment. This thesis focused on translating the conflicts in the script into action for performance, and creating a strong ensemble of actors, designers and crew. My process included an analysis of the play, examining it with particular attention to character and story. I also studied the playwright's previous and subsequent work as well as reviews to better prepare myself for the challenges of mounting this show. The next stage was the application of this analysis and research to the physical production. My chief area of concern here was to create a collaborative environment that would enhance the creative processes of everyone involved. In working with the company I focused constantly on creating a performance that was unified by my shared vision of the script. My ability to create this ensemble was reflected in the results we achieved. Although there are areas where the show could have been stronger, the energy of its performance and validity of its message made it a surprising success.