Anne Grant

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Master of Science (MS)


Resource Economics and Policy


James D. Leiby

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Hsiang-tai Cheng


Manure contains many important nutrients that are vital to the growth of crops. When this material is applied to fields in an inappropriate manner or in quantities too large for the soil to handle, this leads to pollution in the form of leaching and runoff, which causes contamination of ground and surface waters. An average cow produces one hundred pounds of manure per day (1 8 tons per year). Composted manure could provide farmers with a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional manure management practices. A review of the composting literature determined that a wide variety of markets do exist for composted dairy manure. The cost of producing the raw compost product was calculated along with the cost of bagging and transporting compost. It was determined that bulk compost could not be profitably transported to market, but that bagged compost can be profitably transported to market.