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Brooke Knight

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Welch Everman


This project is a study into the art and science of Animation. Specifically, this project focuses on the development of story and character through the use of Computer Animation. From beginning to end, this animation comprises work done completely by the author. The main goal of the project was to understand the development process of an animated short through concentration on Story Development, Character Creation, and Character Animation. In totality, the completed work comprises 10 months of individual labor that began in July 2001 and ended in April 2002. These 10 months of work have resulted in the creation of a 5 minute animated short entitled "Winter Tears." The spirit of the work was devoted towards expanding, testing, and solidifying the skill of the author. What has followed this long process is the best work that the author has produced to date. The process of the project was a constant struggle of both work and discovery. In addition to the primary goals, secondary goals were included. The first of these goals was the learning of an industry standard computer animation package called AliasWaveFrontMaya and the second the creation of an animation piece to be used in a portfolio for job applications. What the author hopes will be seen is a true love of animation and a profound respect for the amount of work and detail required for any animated piece in any discipline.