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Castle Deuclet, the protagonist of this work of fiction, has a dream which may or maymot set off or b2 connected to a series of events that happen afte'wards. Castle is thrust into a world of the fantastic where beings calling themselves angels want to help him; where he encounters a unicorn, named Julia, that he knew as a child; where a scarecrow woman reveals herself in his dreams and tells him that she is a dooway he must go through but that first he has to find the key. Here, Castle must face and accept the dark parts of himself: his shadow-self and child shadow-self. He must confront the Dark Man, a mysterious and evil figure that he is somehow inextricably linked to, and the people in Castle's life that the Dark Man remits with his evil touch. Before he faces the Dark Man, Castle is shown his power and the magnitude of his power by his two angels and his unicorn. Castle is taken through a factory by one of his angels revealing many things to Castle. Castle accepts his shadow-selves. In the final confrontation, Castle defeats the Dark Man but not before receiving a wound in his thigh, Castle, then, realizing how much he had lost in his life--things he cannot remember-leaves on a journey to re-learn all that he can.