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Ramesh Gupta

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Pushpa Gupta


It has been observed in various practical applications that data do not conform to the normal distribution, which is symmetric with no skewness. The skew normal distribution proposed by Azzalini(1985) is appropriate for the analysis of data which is unimodal but exhibits some skewness. The skew normal distribution includes the normal distribution as a special case where the skewness parameter is zero. In this thesis, we study the structural properties of the skew normal distribution, with an emphasis on the reliability properties of the model. More specifically, we obtain the failure rate, the mean residual life function, and the reliability function of a skew normal random variable. We also compare it with the normal distribution with respect to certain stochastic orderings. Appropriate machinery is developed to obtain the reliability of a component when the strength and stress follow the skew normal distribution. Finally, IQ score data from Roberts (1988) is analyzed to illustrate the procedure.