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Summer 8-18-2023

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Open-Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)




Gregory Howard

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Hollie Adams

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Sara Harlan-Haughey


Caelum is a story about the hidden struggles of mental health told in an alternating chapter format that explores the journey of two characters: an angel, Tacenda, who seeks revenge on Mr. Mystical -an unloving God- and Dorian, a human, who is trying to find his place in life. The two

experience parallel situations where they explore their emotions and reactions to life while Mr. Mystical makes everything much more complicated. Tacenda, however, has other plans, and seeks Dorian for help defeating those who have turned against him, causing his demise. As the story progresses and alternates between Tacenda’s quest and Dorian’s growth, the reader takes on the role of figuring out how the two are connected and learning how to navigate through the chaos that seems to surround the two men

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