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Spring 5-6-2022

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Open-Access Thesis

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Catharine Biddle

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Ian Mette

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Maria Frankland


The building leader is the pulse of the school. The behavior and emotions of building leaders set the tone for short term and long-term outcomes in schools. The ability of the school principal to be aware of the characteristics they have, what they believe in, and the goals they desire to achieve is critical. Principals who follow up with their own awareness and put into action those beliefs are served well. Research suggests that principals who consistently exercise their core values, establish goals, understand their purpose and lead with their heart are considered genuine in their leadership. Authenticity was the desired goal of this study, to find out if principals walk the life they say they believe. This study is presented with the framework of personal journeys of building principals and their awareness of their own authenticity and ability to act on their authentic beliefs. This study will inform the field of authentic leadership through the role of the building principal and how they stay authentic in the face of external challenges.

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