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Summer 8-20-2021

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Open-Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)




Hollie Adams

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Ryan Dippre

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Dylan Dryer

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Gregory Howard


Subliminal is a novel which attempts to encompass literary, science fiction, and thriller genres by centering on two male narrators who portray similar but different thought processes and means with which to move through their respective social contexts. The novel centers on the dueling perspectives of Neiko Plemons and David Tremble, ex-convict and scientific researcher, as both proceed along a path of discovery involving an underground criminal enterprise. The juxtaposition of their voices is intended to highlight the similarities in discursive consciousness across class, occupation, and level of education. The novel is fundamentally an exploration of many such ideas which the author attempts to render through fictional voices and actions within the limitations and affordances of a near-future context and a thriller plot.

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