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The aim of this study has been to determine the full range of woody plant materials suitable for landscape planting in Maine. Essentially, the survival of a perennial plant out-of-doors in this State is determined by its hardiness. It is desirable not only to know that a particular plant exists or is hardy at a given place, but also to know over what area the plant may reasonably be expected to be thrifty. This immediately suggests dividing the State into climatic or plant zones. Such a zoning of the State is undertaken in this paper and the plant material is recommended for each zone in which it is found to be hardy, with the thought that such definite planting information will be useful to the nurserymen and the home gardeners of the state.

A work of this nature cannot be final, but it is hoped that this list will encourage further investigation, primarily in recording data on the loss of plant materials during test winters and the addition to this list of many hardy ornamental plants common in the nursery trade but not now observed to be growing in Maine, and those even now growing in some remote location within the State but undisclosed by this survey.

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