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The potato crop ranks sixth in farm value of all the crops grown in the United States. Its average farm value for the years 1924 to 1928 was $417,225,000, being surpassed only by corn, cotton, hay, wheat, and oats1. No other vegetable crop is so widely grown and so regularly consumed for food as potatoes.

The potato sections of the United States may be classified as early, intermediate and late crop areas. The early crop is produced in the southern states extending north to Virginia. The intermediate crop is produced north of this region to Pennsylvania. Long Island is in the intermediate group as the potato crop is earlier than in western New York The late crop is produced in the states north of the intermediate section.

There is considerable overlapping in the period when potatoes are marketed from the different states or regions as shown in Figure 1. Shipments from Florida begin in March and move to market until the first of June, and those of Alabama and South Carolina are heavy in May and June. North Carolina begins in June and ships through July and the first of August. Virginia, an intermediate, producing state, ships from June until the first of September. Maryland moves its potatoes during July and August. New Jersey shipments being in August and continue through September. The late producing states begin in August and ship until the following July.

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