Fay Hyland

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Master of Science (MS)


Forest Resources


As reforestation becomes more important in the United States, there is an increasing demand for forest tree seedlings. The production of the seedlings is a somewhat specialized phase of the industry calling into use certain details of cultural practice not employed elsewhere. One of the major items of expense in the care of forest nursery seed beds is the control of weeds. A previous study estimates that the total cost of hand-weeding untreated seed beds may be reduced two-thirds to four-fifths by the use of chemicals. It is apparent that any procedure which will reduce the weeds will materially reduce the cost of tree seedlings and may encourage reforestation in proportion. The use of chemicals as a means of controlling weeds in forest nurseries has not been generally accepted by nurserymen, probably because of the lack of definite information regarding environmental factors at their particular nurseries.

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