Date of Award

Summer 8-22-2020

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Open-Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Interdisciplinary Program


John Maddaus

Second Committee Member

Hugh Curran

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Barb Blazej


The goal of my thesis project is to write a booklet of case studies in Peace and Diplomacy in order to teach my students that throughout history there have been and continue to be effective non-violent methods to solving conflict. For my thesis project I will be providing an introduction to non-violent change commenting on some prominent and interesting examples. I will then analyze 2 case studies from history - Northern Ireland's peace process and the U.S. Civil Rights movement. Finally, I will analyze a recent case study of a peace that could have been (the Iraq War). All sections will have questions and activities attached for student engagement and I have aligned the content and assessments of each chapter/case study to Common Core State Standards. ii In high school classrooms, the U.S. and World History curriculum is dominated by war and conflict. My thought is, what if students studied peace movements? Wouldn’t they be more attuned to advocating for non-violent solutions as future leaders? Furthermore, don’t our youth deserve to know these heroic stories of leaders who risked their lives to save many more lives? What follows is a culmination of this vision.