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This study has to do with the training of the Negro in an industrial democracy in which the national government once assumed the direct responsibility for such training, as well as with the results which were incurred when this government relinquished its role as administrator. It will be pointed out how the lassitude of able and gifted minds during the past century in regard to the Negro question led to haphazard efforts, on the part of inspired philanthropists and zealous home missionaries, to educate the Negro; and how such attitude brought about a Negro psychology of "accommodation’’ in the South and of "protest” in the North. It will be shown how this emphasis upon "protest” has led to an effort being made to attain equality with the whites through the ranks of organized labor and to an insistence that the Negro problem for equality has become one of economic opportunity. A summary will be made of the inherent dangers in making an attempt to gain equal rights through an economic medium, rather than through the use of all educational and cultural facilities, and the probable results of such effort, economically and socially, on the Negro masses.

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