Chen Chi Pan

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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


At the present time, practically all of the soft easy bleaching pulps used for the manufacture of high class book, magazine, general printing and cheaper writing paper are made by the Soda Process. Although the sulphite and mechanical process and to a less extent the Sulphate Process predominate, the Soda Pulp is remarkably well adopted for producing Pulp Fibres from any kind of wood or other fibrous material, no matter how resistant to chemical attack it may be.

Up to 1876, black liquor was run to waste. But since the River Pollution Act, it is treated to recover the soda, as mentioned. If we look a little more carefully into the liquor, we can draw a comparison in the destructive distillation of wood for coke and the hydrolysis for fibre. We see that the former gives us the pyroligenous acid which contain various other chemical products while in the latter the liquor is produced.