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This thesis is an outgrowth of a much larger piece of work which the Department of Physics, thru its instructors and major students, has undertaken to complete. The task referred to, is the compilation, arrangement, and summarizing of the various meteorological records taken at the University of Maine for the past forty-four years. These records were begun in the above department by Dr. M. C. Fernald in the year 1869 and were continued by him until 1893. The work was then transferred to the Experiment Station, where observations were made under the direction of Doctors W. H. Jordan and C. D. Woods. Finally, during the Spring of 1911, it was returned to the Physics Department where daily readings are taken by Mr. H. R. Wing.

The observations included in these records are readings of the daily temperature, the maximum and minimum temperatures, the barometric pressure, wind direction and velocity, character of the day, precipitation, and humidity. There are also recorded many miscellaneous phenomena, such as thunder storms, hail storms, halos, coronae, aurorae, frosts, and experimental data on evaporation, etc.

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